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yes, we can!

Kinda late, but better than never: congratulations to Obama & America! ^_^

Curious to find out what the next President & first family will be dining on in the White House? I can tell you this: it won't be beets! Click here to find out more =)

tiny perils to your health

How adorable/tempting/dangerous is this:

Mari's NY brownies come in different gourmet flavors such as classic, caramel sea salt, coconut, and Thai coffee. Each of the brownies are tiny, they're gone in just 2 bites, so they don't do much harm.... or do they?

They remind me of those reduced-fat snacks, which people think it's ok to pig out on because they don't contain that much fat, so they end up doing as much damage, or maybe even more, than regular fat-laden snacks.

You know what? I still want them anyway =)

bake, baby, bake!

I read an article in the LA Times discussing the many merits of Baked Alaska, in recognition of yesterday's VP debate between Biden and Palin. I'm not a big fan of the Governor of Alaska and her drill mantra, however I am a very big fan of the dessert.

Baked Alaska is not a dessert I seem to find that often in Indonesia. It's a classic dessert - maybe it's gone out of fashion a bit? - but it's a real treat for your eyes and mouth =)

Basically, you:
- take some sort of cake, use it as your base - not too thick, just 2 cm will do
- pile ice cream/sorbet on top of it, 3 flavors will do very nicely, e.g. the classic neapolitan trio of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, or you could do it the haute cuisine way and use some type of fancy shorbet like blood-orange sorbet
- cover the whole thing with meringue - plain meringue will do, or again you could go all the way and use flavored/scent-infused meringue
- pop the thing into your freezer for an hour or so, till it's frozen
- then slightly scorch the surface of the meringue with a broiler or a creme brulee torch
- classically, you would then pour some sort of liquor all over, then flambee the dessert in front of your guest's eyes - this is optional though, I think the dessert tastes just as good without the flambee.

And there you have it - Baked Alaska!

meet charles & marie

Charles & Marie are two very rich people who live in a world that most of us only see in movies & TV shows. At least I think they do. Anyway, their Epicurean Delight blog is a great source of delicious, trans-fatty food (sorry Arnold) that you can find all over the world, such as Dean & Deluca's Whoopie pies, mmm... Hop over for a peek into the privileged life =)

governor arnold, the trans-fats-terminator

Health-conscious Californians can thank their governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, for making California the first state in America to ban the use of trans-fats.

Trans-fats are widely used for frying or baking tons of food, such as donuts & french fried. It's sad, but true: if something tastes really good, it probably isn't good for you.

Trans-fats are made by adding hydrogen to liquid oils, like veggie oils, so they become solid & stable (i.e. they don't spoil quickly & can stay on supermarket shelves forrrrevvvaaaaahhh). The problem is, that solid stuff, when you heat it up e.g. for deep frying donuts or fried chicken, it melts, sure, but once it gets inside your body, it solidifies again, gets stuck in your circulatory system & then wreaks havoc on your heart. Nasty.

So, hooray for Arnold! He's proving himself to be quite a capable governor after all! =)


the perfect wok

The Wall Street Journal posted an article & this video on "The Perfect Wok"; apparently even ultra-wealthy brokers need to cook, and look after, themselves =)

more cupcakes =)

Still craving for cupcakes like this one: A Good Appetite's Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes: strawberries, sour cream & cheese cheese together in a cupcake that tastes like a cheesecake. It even has a graham cracker crust, yum! Curious on how to make it? You can find the recipe here =)



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